Our return policy is:

100% Quality Guarantee: We want you to love your custom order by Truly Engaging. That's why we stand behind a 100% quality guarantee on products, printing, and services. However, Truly Engaging is unable to accept returns on personalized products that have been approved by you for print. 

If you have any concerns please reach out and let us know. We handle each concern on a case-by-case basis to best solve our customers needs. You are welcome to call, but our representatives will not be able to move forward with a resolution without an email (include photos if needed). 

For the quickest resolution please EMAIL US and include the following information.

  • Your Order Number 
  • A brief description of your concern
  • Supporting images

All order concerns need to be addressed within 30 days of receipt*

*Canvas Print Orders:
To report shipping or concealed damage, please call our Quality Control Center (800.788.0611) within 48 hours of receipt, in order to qualify for a replacement.