A luxurious, smooth paper with a beautiful matte look–beloved for its premium quality and printing versatility. Popular choice! Silky & smooth to perfectly showcase all design elements at an 18-point thickness (130 lb.) for flat stationery and a 14-point thickness (100 lb.) for folded stationery. 


A gorgeous paper that is the ultimate in sophistication! Flat stationery feature Luxe Satin on the front. Folded stationery feature Luxe Satin on the outside. Required for Raised Foil. Modern matte & velvety-soft finish at a 17-point thickness (130 lb.) for flat stationery and 13-point thickness (110 lb.) for folded stationery.


Imported from Italy, this smooth and lustrous paper has an iridescent effect that softens colors and photos. 

Subtle sheen with an iridescent effect to soften photos & colors at a 16-point thickness (130 lb.) for flat stationery and 13-point thickness (110 lb.) for folded stationery.


A gorgeous premium white cardstock paper that showcases superior photo quality for the ultimate sophistication! Polish texture finish that is environmentally friendly at a 16-point thickness - 100% Recyclable. Required for Raised Foil Christmas Cards.


Premium paper with a creamy, cottony texture and your details perfectly printed. 
Luxuriously thick 32-point (220 lb.) Premium Smooth paper that provides a lasting impression.


Exceptionally thick paper with a weight and texture that is of the utmost luxe quality. 
Our thickest 48 points (330 lb.) Premium Smooth paper is the ultimate in luxury stationery.


* We strive for color consistency in all our products. However, colors may appear with slight variances based on the paper type chosen. If you are at all concerned regarding final printing color please reach out to our Quality Control Center to see if the product you are ordering is available in a sample. 

If you still have concerns, please contact our Quality Control Center (800.788.8633).